How does this fundraiser work? 

First we work together to choose a date and location for the Jewelry Party and start the planning.   Then your group promotes and markets the event by inviting donors, supporters and  jewelry lovers to look through their jewelry boxes to bring no longer wanted jewelry to donate at a fun after work Jewelry Party Fundraiser.    Jewelry to the Rescue displays jewelry from previous events at your event and your group collects 100% of the donations from the evening.  At the end of the event,  donated jewelry is given to Jewelry to the Rescue to replenish for the next event. 

Does Jewelry to the Rescue charge a fee?

No.  This is my hobby and my way to contribute to my community.  

What does the host group do to prepare?

Before the event

• Confirm the date and secure a room with 12-16 eight foot tables with tablecloths. 

• Market the event to as many potential attendees as possible.  Use the Jewelry to the Rescue tips for ideas to increase attendees. 

• Schedule 4-6 volunteers to help with the event. 

  • Start to collect donations of jewelry and give out VIP tickets.

• To grow your donor list, consider getting a floral arrangement donated or other raffle to be used as a drawing to attendees that provide name and email contact information. 

On the day of the event

• Send out final reminders to supporters.  

• Assign 4-6 volunteers are needed to help set the room.   (It will take 5 people 2 hours to put the jewelry on display so we will start the set up earlier in the day.  )  More time if decorating the room. 

• Prepare a change box for cash, arrange internet and credit card processing methods and get ready to collect the donations.  

• Put on your party wear and have some fun!  

Why do some events only raise a few hundred dollars? We host groups of all sizes.  The amount of money raised depends on the number of supporters that turn out for the event.  A few hundred dollars to a small group can be a big help.  

What are the best days/ times to hold a Jewelry Party? 

The best day and time is when you can get most of your supporters to your event.  Sometimes that is a weeknight from 4-7 other times its an  late morning/ afternoon event.   The idea is for people to freely come and go rather than stay for the entire event.  

How many people can we expect?

The number of attendees is dependent on the marketing efforts of the group.  Spreading the word through social media, press releases, posters, printed invitations and email reminders will help draw a crowd.   It is the groups responsibility to get donors to the event.  Jewelry to the Rescue will provide assistance with how to market your event.  

Should we incorporate this into another fundraising event or have other activities? 

The Jewelry Party Fundraiser works best as a stand-alone event since your supporters will be prepared to shop jewelry for a good cause.  It is tempting to want to do silent auction and raffles and 50/50s but it is best to save those for other events unless it is organized so you contact the winner after the event.  Guests like this type of fundraiser because they can come in, show their support and don’t need to hang around to see if they win a prize.  They can shop and go when they are done.  Sometimes they leave just to bring back a friend or neighbor. 

Who chooses the location?

The host  group is responsible for securing the location for the event and covering any costs associated with the venue.   A local banquet or meeting room large enough for guests to flow through and shop the jewelry works nicely.  We will need 10-12 eight foot tables and the room should have good lighting so the jewelry can be seen clearly. It the venue can provide tablecloths that is helpful otherwise Jewelry to the Rescue can provide them.  Choose a venue with good parking in a location central to your target supporters. 

Who takes the money?

The host group collects all the donations at the fundraising event.  Each piece of jewelry is marked with a suggested donation amount.    The group should designate volunteers to collect the proceeds.  Decide ahead of time if you are accepting checks and credit cards.  Be prepared to make cash change. 

Jewelry to the Rescue does not handle any money. 

What does Jewelry to the Rescue bring?  

On the day of the event we will bring ready to sell jewelry, display stands, mirrors, baskets bags and if needed, tablecloths.  The host group just needs to get the people there and collect the money.  

What happens to the jewelry donated at the door?

Jewelry donated at the event will be processed and used at the next event.    First ALL jewelry (other than watches) go thru a hot water and soap bath.  Then each piece gets evaluated for condition, fixed, polished and priced to go into the next party.  Some donations are just not salvageable for reuse; these jewelry parts and pieces are donated for use in art projects by children’s groups.   

How much is the jewelry?

The jewelry starts at $3 and most items are between $9 and $28.  The most expensive piece in the group right now is $65. 

What kind of jewelry is it? 

The jewelry is an eclectic mix with something for everyone.  All the jewelry has been donated so there are many one- of-a- kind pieces.  Some pieces are marked as sterling silver, Monet, Brighton, Chico’s or other familiar brands.  Most is a mixture of good vintage or modern costume jewelry in all styles.  Jewelry to the Rescue does not warranty or guarantee the jewelry, makes no claims and has no responsibility for the age, condition or authenticity of any item.   All items are “as is.”

How much jewelry do you have?

Currently about 150 pounds.  Enough to cover 12-16 eight foot tables. 

Why do you do this & what do you get out of it? 

It started as an animal rescue fundraiser because I love dogs and cats and have I’ve never met an animal rescue group with enough volunteers or money.  It soon became apparent that there are lots of groups in that same situation that can benefit from this type of fundraiser so we opened it up to any worthy group.  It's my way of volunteering and giving back in a way that has a larger impact than if I were just to make a donation.   Plus it supports my hobby- I enjoy fixing, polishing and giving new life to jewelry.  My mom, best friend Nancy and I have a nice afternoon of lunch and jewelry as we prepare the newly donated jewelry for the upcoming event. 

Are you a 501(c)3?

No, we are simply a conduit to get funds to rescue groups through fun jewelry parties.    We are all volunteers and Jewelry to the Rescue does not handle the money at the event.  The host group collects  all the money and all the jewelry donations at the event.  They are also responsible for any taxes or reporting required. 

How did this idea start? 

In the summer of 2013, I was working with an animal rescue group doing some fundraising.  I was also helping clean out the garage at my parents’ house and uncovered a stash of all kinds of jewelry my mom had been given by a jeweler friend.  He buys estate sale lots then gives my  mom what he doesn't want.   I asked what she was going to do with it and she did not know.  While some of it was unsalvageable, many really nice pieces just needed a good cleaning and a clasp.  The Jewelry Party Fundraiser was born.  That stash resulted in 40 pounds of jewelry for the initial fundraiser.  We had a party and raised $2400 for the rescue.  Afterward I had a ton of jewelry left over and people kept giving me more.   I saw an opportunity to help many rescue groups using a pay it forward kind of situation.